DRAGON BALL Z RAGING BLAST 2Nowadays computer is probably the most used device world wide. It is very flexible and offers various ways to spend time on it. You can either relax, learn or work! It is quite impressive that one little device can offer the basics of our daily life in a wide area. You can learn by reading books, watching videos or using an interactive software that is meant to teach you something. With work you can either edit photos, edit videos, draw 2D images, construct 3D models, programming, scripting etc. And for relaxing we can watch some movies, cartoons, anime, listen to our favorite music, play games etc. As you probably know, these are just the few listed things that we can do on a computer, there are other various ways to use it for our needs.

In terms of gaming, computer is still in a rapid evolution. 3D gaming has a rather young age, up to fifteen years, and year-to-year we see various progresses in the gaming industry regarding the image quality, details, effects, artificial intelligence, multiplayer experience, new gaming genres etc. Comparing a game from the early 2000’s and today’s AAA games, you won’t even imagine how people played so poor games in that period. Actually, we did because there were no alternatives, and it still felt good. Modern games give in a way the same gaming experience but with a richer picture.

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Throughout the great gaming industry you can find a large number of various gaming genres. Each gaming genre has its own concept and used elements. Like in music and movies, when reading what genre it is, you practically understand on an intuitive level what you will receive through that product. The same goes to gaming genres, when you hear first-person shooter you understand that you will go guns blazing through a bloody campaign; when hearing strategy you see yourself constructing a base, making various researches, construct an army, and conquering your foe etc. Some gaming genres have a huge popularity among gamers, while the over have a narrower audience. For instance fighting games. On computer this gaming genre is poorly spread, and you can find very few good examples of this genre. While on the consoles, it received a very high popularity and you can find tons of fighting games.

The most widespread consoles are surely Xbox and PlayStation. They have their franchises but most of the released games are compatible with both consoles. As said, among popular gaming genres for consoles resides fighting games. And no wonder we can find lots of masterpieces of this genre in the console domain. An unique series of fighting games that introduced a new word in fighting games is Dragon Ball Z: Ragin Blast 2.

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Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 was released by Namco Bandai and developed by Spike in November 2010. If you are familiar the classic manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z, you will get a hint about what the game is about. Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 is a 3D fighting game in which you choose one of among many characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe as your playable character and fight another in a selected mode. But what makes it so special in comparison with other fighting games? The fighting arena of this game is just huge not only on the surface bu height as well, because like in Dragon Ball Z, all characters can fly! So you can experience a new type of fighting in mid-air. The combination of surface and mid-air fights is an interesting element that makes Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 unique.

The fighting system is easy to get used to, but like all fighting games its all about mastering a specific character. In Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 your playable character will fight using his basic, melee and advanced ki fighting techniques. Also, the combat features a function called Raging Soul, where it gradually restricts the payer from using his ki techniques but adds tremendous power into his physical attacks.

Besides doing random battles with AI and your friends, the game also offers a Galaxy Mode. This mode replaced the standard story mode that was present in the previous series of the Dragon Ball Z fighting games. In this mode you will be battling a character that represents as a planets champion. In each fight you will be given various advantages or handicaps to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. If you complete some missions you will unlock some power-ups or other mission paths.

Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 wasn’t available for personal computers for time. But after a small period of time, it was ported so that personal computer users could enjoy the spectacular battles in the Dragon Ball Z universe. The port ensures an exact copy of the console version, which won’t disappoint your fighting spirit! So if you’re looking for a massive battle with tons of combos and spectacular abilities than Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 is the game for you!



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